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Conference Registration 大会注册

The registration fee for all participants is RMB1600 and for students is RMB1000. Students should submit a copy of student id.
  • The registration fee includes the admission to all the technical sessions, coffee breaks, meals and conference social activities. The personal transportation, accommodation, and other travel costs are not included.
  • Payment Methods: Payment can be made through bank transfer or on-site payment. Please include the following in the payment note: "Participant's Name + Institution Name + International Tourism Conference."
  • Payment bank account information:
    Account Name: Shenzhen Tourism College, Jinan University
    Bank: China Construction Bank, Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Branch
    Account Number: 4420 1518 3000 5603 4426  SWIFT :PCBCCNBJSZX
  • Additional payment method: by WeChat  
  • Here is the QR code for WeChat payment  QR code



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