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ICT2023 call for papers and presentations

The major theme of this conference is: Digital Intelligent Tourism and Service Industry: Openness, Integration and Innovation.

Two types of papers and presentations are under call: The academic papers and industrial and administrative presentations.

Original papers concerning the major theme in both tourism and hospitality research and practice are under call. The papers should dress but not limited to the following topics.

1. The academic papers   Areas of interest include, but are not limited to the following:
• Digital tourism marketing/ Digital marketing and tourism
Smart tourism and marketing
Social media marketing in tourism
Digital marketing strategies and trends of tourism enterprise
Digital tourism development and challenge
E-commerce in tourism
Innovation in tourism industries
Other tourism marketing topics related to technology
• Hospitality management and technology
AI, service robot and hospitality employee management
Algorithms and platform employee engagement
Intelligent technology and hospitality leadership development
Information technology applications in hospitality
Innovation in hospitality industries
Other human resource management topics related to technology
• Wellness tourism and technology
Senior tourism and wearable technology
Wellness and healthy lifestyle in technology-embedded tourism settings
Technology transformation in healthcare management
•    Tourism development strategy and planning research in the context of multi-technology method integration
Tourism-oriented planning in rural area
Tourism-oriented heritage protection and development 
Leisure- and-recreation- driven urban green space system planning
Other related topics
• Post-epidemic tourism development and technological recovery
Recovery strategy of tourism in the post-epidemic period
Tourism marketing in the post-epidemic period
Tourism crisis management
Cross-border tourism cooperation in the post-epidemic era
• Sustainable tourism development and technology
Corporate and personal social responsibility and ethics
Environmental issues and green technology management
Protected area and national park management
Tourism sustainable and digital policy
• Hospitality education and technology applications
Digital transformation in tourism & hospitality education
Trends and issues in tourism & hospitality education
• Tourism economics and big data
Economic development and poverty alleviation
Tourism forecasting
The demand and supply analysis on tourism and hospitality market
• Business services and smart technology
Intelligent banking service
Online virtual trading community
Metaverse, AR, VR in business services
Other business service management issues
• Other topics of contemporary significance in tourism and hospitality with a global focus..

2. Industrial and administrative presentations
The central topic for tourism and hospitality sector presentations is how to develop and strengthen the digital intelligent tourism and service industry:Openness, Integration and Innovation. We also emphasize how to promote the cooperation in the tourism and hospitality related sectors between China, Spain and other countries. The topics of industrial part for presentations in the conference include but not limited to the following:

• Exchange experience in the sustainability, environment protection in the digital tourism and service industry
• To express the intention, strategic plans of your own enterprise in cooperation with the potential partners in tourism and hospitality professionals
• The demand and supply of digital tourism and services in the two completely different cultures, in author’s own country
• Introduction and description of tourism administration systems in China, Spain and other countries: how to do tourism business in China, how to cooperate with the Chinese enterprises, how to do tourism business in Spain and EU countries for Chinese tourism sector, how to receive Chinese tourist customers in EU countries
• To express your demand, give recommendations to the peer professionals from the other country.
• Analysis of tourism resource, tourism market in China and EU countries, regions.  
• Analysis of economic, socio-cultural and environmental impacts of tourism in China and Spain and EU countries, regions.
• Analysis of hotel industry cost control, human resource supply and financial income management and experience in these areas.
• The characteristics of tourism operation under the communication network environment



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