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How to prepare the correct format for publication

If your paper is accepted for publishing in the proceedings book, you should sign and send us the copyright form.

1. Copyright form
: A paper that is never published in other place, the corresponding author of the paper should sign the publication agreement (Copyright form) on behalf of all the co-authors and send it to the proceedings book editors. You can download the agreement here and sign it. After please send the .pdf form to us.
If your paper has been published in other place and you would like to be included in the proceedings book, you should fill up a form to grant the copyright to our proceedings book publisher. Here is the form to grant the copyright of your paper. Please make sure that you have the copyright.

2. Paper format: you should prepare the paper well including its format. You should check your paper title, author information, abstract, main text and references contents well and make necessary changes. To conform with the publishing company format, please use the correct paper format which will be a chapter in the proceedings book.

One sample chapter can be downloaded here.

The format can be found in this link on the Springer Nature web page. From the section ‘Important downloads’ or ‘Layout & templates’.

If you use word to format your paper, you can download the template here:
   The ICT paper (proceedings book chapter) format.

You need to use the function "Style Pane" in the word to do the formatting well.
Step 1, click on the right part of the paper, for example, the paper title.
Step 2, Inside the template file, choose the right format. Check carefully if your choice is correct.

To help you using the Style function, here are some examples:
- Paper title format
- Author name format.
- Abstract format.
- Keyword format


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