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ICT2022 Sponsor and Exhibitor Registration

Does your organization want to be known in the field of tourism and hospitality to all the China, Spain related education institutions, organizations and enterprises? Here is the right place for your organization to show up - be a sponsor of the International Conference of Tourism and Hospitality between China and Spain.

Calling for sponsors for ICT2022 is now open. It is a great opportunity for your organization to be a sponsor of ICT2022.

As a sponsor, your organization's logo and name will be published in our conference website and the official conference poster. Your organization will be known by experts and practitioners in the field in China, Spain and European countries.

For more details about opportunities and categories of sponsors, please send a mail to ict2022 at with the subject containing the word "sponsor". You can also contact the Faculty of International Tourism and Management for the sponsorship.

第十一届中西旅游大会公开征集赞助。我们欢迎所有的和旅游和酒店管理有关的组织,企业赞助大会。根据赞助 的等级,您的企业会出现在我们的赞助网页或主页。您的企业还可以在大会上陈述发言。有意赞助的单位请和 澳门城市大学国际旅游和管理学院直接联系或用邮件发到ict2022@。邮件题头请注明:中西大会赞助字样。

我们的大会有中西两国的大学及旅游酒店管理的企业参加。还有来自十几个国家的代表。赞助本大会可以大大提 高企业及组织的知名度和影响。


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