www.china-,   Nov. 3-5, 2022, Macau, China

Conference Committees

Founding chair
Yuhua Luo, University of Balearic Islands
Conference executive chairs
Jacky X. Li,    City University of Macau
Bartolomé Deya,    Faculty of Tourism, University of the Balearic Islands
Ben K. Goh,    Macau University of Science and Technology
Max W.B. Zhao,    Macao Institute for Tourism Studies
Advisory committee
          Bin Dai (chair),   President, China Tourism Academy  
          Jinbo Jiang(co-chair), South China University of Technology
          Jigang Bao,    Sun Yat-sen University 
          Maria Concepción Garcia, University Complutense
          Hongmei Zhang, Shanghai Normal University
          Zhenzhi Yang, Tourism School, Sichuan University
Academic secretaries
        Sally Duan, City University of Macau
        Vicente Ramos, University of Balearic Islands  
Organization committee
          Ivan Lai,City University of Macau
          James H.W. Shen,City University of Macau
          Wendy Gao,City University of Macau
          Xin Wang,City University of Macau
          Yujing Chu, Tourism School, Shanghai Normal University

Program committee
        Doudou    Bi    South China University of Technology
        Ning Chris    Chen    University of Canterbury
        Jun     Gao    Shanghai Normal University
        Maria Antonia Garcia Sastre, University of Balearic Islands
        Haiyan     Haiyan     The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
        Zhenfang     Huang    Nanjing Normal University
        Mimi    Li    Hong Kong Polytechnic University
        Jingyan     Liu    Sun Yat-sen University
        Claire    Liu    Auckland University of Technology
        Jun     Liu    South China Normal University
        Enric    López C.    Barcelona School of Tourism and Gastronomy CETT
        Lin     Lu    Anhui Normal University
        Yong     Ma    Hubei University
        Bo     Ma    Qingdao University
        Vanda     Marakova    Matej Bel University
        Francina    Orfila    University of Balearic Islands
        Francisco Rejón Guardia  Universidad de Málaga
        Maria    Sard    University of Balearic Islands
        Francisco     Sastre Albertí    University of Balearic Islands
        Weimin     Tian    Yunnan University
        Dolores    Tirado    University of Balearic Islands
        Hiadlovsky    Vladimir    Matej Bel University
        Degang     Wang    Shandong University
        Honggang    Xu    Sun Yat-sen Universit
        Jie    Zhang    Nanjing University
        Yiwei    Zhang    Shanghai Sanda University
        Tongqian     Zou    Beijing International Studies University



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