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Abstract Submission 摘要投稿方法

You can send one page abstract of your paper to the Easychair system. The format of the extended abstract can be found 摘要格式 here.


If you already have an Easychair System account, you can go directly to and login and submit your abstract or full paper.

If you do not have an Easychair account, please do the following:

Step 1. Please sign up an Easychair system account first if you do not have one. Please go to the to sign up an account. The system will ask you an email address. After signing up, please check your email in that email address and follow the the instruction in the email that the system sent to you. If you have the Easychair account before, skip the Step 1 and go to Step 2 directly.

Step 2. The submission page is:

Abstract length: maximum 2 pages. Final paper maximum length is 10 pages.

Full Paper Submission is optional but highly recommended. We encourage you to submit a full paper in English for publication as a formal record of your achievement.

Proceedings publication

All the accepted full papers in English will be reviewed and selected for publication in our proceedings book which will be published by Springer Nature. The proceedings will be indexed by ISI Web of Knowledge (CPCI-SSH—Conference Proceedings CitationIndex - Social Science & Humanities).

投英文全文的论文都将进行同行学术评审,被接收的论文将由著名的出版社Springer出版。该论文 集将 ISI Web of Knowledge 检索平台下的 ISI Proceedings (CPCI-SSH—Conference Proceedings CitationIndex - Social Science & Humanities)检索。优秀论文经过充分扩展重新审稿后可被推荐到SCI杂志上发表.

The paper format for the final paper can be found 全文格式 here.

If you submit in Chinese or Spanish, please provide a title and one full page extended abstract in English. The format of the extended abstract can be found 摘要格式 here.

In what language:

We are asking all the authors to submit their papers in English.

However, if you do not want to publish the paper or you have difficulty, papers written in Chinese and Spanish will be accepted but will not be published. The authors can feel free to decide if you would like to publish the paper.

For people that would like to submit to the proceedings we require to submit full paper version in English. Maximum is 10 pages. Further information for full paper publication will be informed.

我们要求大家用英文投稿。但是大会接受中文英文和西班牙文的来稿。如果不是英文,也要有英文标题和摘要。全 文应按大会论文格式限在 10页左右。
请网上投稿: 本大会使用EasyChair系统接收稿件。

步骤1. 到 注册一个用户名。

For enterprise, and institution presentations:
You are welcome to submit abstracts according to the conference themes in the call. Please see the call for papers and presentations. The subject should not be directly linked to your own company commercial activities.
Please also send to Easychair system.
If you want to give a talk related directly to your own company, you should become a sponsor.  Here is the information about how to be a sponsor. 


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