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Next year conference in Chengdu, China

The conference decided that the 7th conference ICTCHS2017 will be held in Chengdu, China on the dates of July 12-14, 2017. Please mark your agenda to reserve this trip. We welcome all of you to come to next conference.

The conference successfully held

The 6th International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality between China and Spain (ICTCHS 2016) has been successfully held in Madrid. The opening was held in the historical auditorium of the University Complutense de Madrid where only the most important events of the university are celebrated.



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Conference program updated with presentation time table

Please check the program page to see more details about our conference program. Please notice that the conference is held in different buildings at the University Complutense of Madrid. Check the location of each day. We look forward to seeing you all in Madrid!

Conference Location and Hotel Reservation

You can now reserve the hotel rooms recommended by the conference. Please find the details in our venue page about the conference locations and the hotel information.

Visit the World Tourism Organization Headquarter

This conference has the participation of the World Tourism Organization which is based in Madrid. A representative of the UNWTO will participate and give a talk on the the conference opening celebration on Sept. 27. All the conference participants will have the opportunity to visit the head quarter of the World Tourism Organization during the conference. The visit will be on Sept. 30, 2016 in the morning.

Second call for papers

We have very active responses from our first call for papers. In order to give our participants more chance to submit their papers, we now open the second call for papers. The abstract deadline for second call is the end of March. Please see our important dates page for more information. The paper authors submitted to the first call will receive their acceptance notice by the end of February.

Journal Publication Possibilities

We will have journal publication possibilities for the selected papers among the accepted papers in the conference. The Tourism Economics is one of them. To be selected for the journal publication, your paper should fit into the scope of the journal. The paper should be in full length and in English.  The papers will pass a peer to peer review. The papers should be well written in topic, structure and English. 

ICTCHS2016 will be held in Madrid, Spain

After the success of the five previous conferences, we are delighted to welcome you to the 6th International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality between China and Spain (ICTCHS 2016). This edition the conference will extend its geographic areas to include all Latin America countries. This year the conference will be held at Madrid (Spain), from September 27 to September 30, 2016. The conference theme is “Tourism and Culture: a challenge for sustainable development”.

All original paper contributions in English, Spanish and Chinese that may help in the mutual understanding of Asian-Western tourism research and development are welcome to submit to the conference. Articles written in Chinese and Spanish are welcome, but at least title and abstract should have English translation.

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a cosmopolitan city that has the most modern infrastructures with the status as an economic, financial, administrative and service center.  It is famous for its large cultural and artistic heritage, a legacy of centuries of exciting history. Strategically located in the geographic center of the Iberian Peninsula at an altitude of 646 m above sea level, it has all the high way, high speed train connections and direct flights from all major cities in the world including from the capital of China – Beijing. Madrid is one of the most important historic centers among all the great European cities. This heritage merges seamlessly with the city's modern and convenient infrastructure. It offers a wide-ranging of accommodation and services with all the latest state-of-the-art technologies in audiovisual and communications media etc. These conditions, together with the drive of a dynamic and open society –as well as high-spirited and friendly– have made this metropolis one of the great capitals of the western world.
The conference will have two major parts, the academic part and the industrial part. The academic part is for international researchers in tourism and hospitality related fields from all over the world interested to exchange their research results directly. The industrial part is mainly addressed to the tourism and hospitality sectors to promote an active cooperation between Iberoamerican and Chinese companies to provide business opportunities and direct contact.

Based on the quality, some of the presented papers may be invited to be considered on Tourism Economics Journal (SSCI) for a full extension. Tourism Economics has published special issues for ICTCHS2012 and ICTCHS2014. For all the authors that would like to enter the journal paper selection, your paper should be in English and in full length.

The working language of the conference will be in English. The contact email of the conference is for international participants and for Chinese participants.

Our host of the conference and the local organizer of the conference will be the the Faculty of Commerce and Tourism, Universidad Complutense de Madrid and the Chinese partner for conference organization and promotion will be the Tourism School, Sichuan University.
As a established structure of the conference, the main conference responsible coordinator and global organizer is the Tourism Faculty, University of Balearic Islands, Spain.

第 六届中西旅游大会将于2016年9月27至30日在西班牙马德里召开。我们的大会是国际性的。所有 国家的学界业界都欢迎投稿参会。这次我们特别把推广范围扩大到中美洲和南美洲各国。 大会由马德里康普顿斯大学 (Universidad Complutense de Madrid)及巴利阿里大学的旅游管理学院主办。马德里康普顿斯大学是西班牙历史悠久,规模最庞大,科系最齐全的大学,正式建 校于1499年,但其源头可追溯到 1293 年。学校位于首都马德里市区。大会中国方的协办单位是四川大学旅游学院。具体由杨振之教授的团队负责。我们欢迎全国旅游及酒店管理的学术界及业界踊跃投稿 及参加这次中西旅游及酒店管理交流盛会。详细情况请关注本网页。联系邮箱是 和 后者为国内参会者及有兴趣者专用.                   



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