www.china-spain.org   June 29-July 2, 2014,  Barcelona, Spain

ICTCHS2014 Successfully Held
ICTCHS2015 will be in Tianjin, Early September 2015

The ICTCHS2014 has been held in Mataró, Barcelona successfully. The participants have enjoyed the four days excitement in both profesional and social activities with the Meditteraneous style. During these days, we have been exchanging research  and business experience, knowledge, meeting old friends and making new friends, tasting Meditteranean food, feeling the fresh air, sunshine, listening to the wave of the sea...wow, what a wonderful time!
With the success of this year, the confernce annouces the next year conference will be in Nankai University, Tianjin, China during the first week of September, 2014. Please reserve these days in the agenda and prepare your participantion. Tianjin is a city 30 minutes fast train next to Beijing with a population of 14 million people. Check the web for more information.

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ICTCHS2014 Advanced Program Published
Call for  Participants from Public
Convocatoria de Participación al Congreso

The conference advanced program is now published. All the authors, presenters please check the program.
The conference is calling for participants from the public. You are all welcome to participate the conference. What you can do is to make the registration online. After, you are able to participate all the activities in the conference.
Todos los públicos están bienvenidos a participar el congreso. Puede inscribirse através de la página de inscripción de este congreso.

The Early Registration Extended to June 20, 2014

There are many requests to extend the deadline for early registration. The conference decided to extend the early registration to June 20, 2014. Please hurry up to make advantage of the early registration. After this date, you are still welcome to make registratoin until the conference time. You will need to pay a normal registration rate. You should send your final paper as soon as possible in order to be included into the conference program.

The Spain-China Tourism and Hospitality Exhibition

The conference will have an exhibition parallel to the paper sessions in the same area of the conference. The exhibition will show the industry of tourism and hospitality in Spain, particularly hotels in Spain for Chinese investors. We welcome the Chinese enterprises and private investors to visit the exhibition.
For Spanish exhibitors: La participación en la exposición con un stand propio es una fantástica oportunidad de networking directo entre los empresarios del sector. Todos los expositores se cuentan como patrocinadores del congreso y sus  logos aparecerán en la web del congreso. Para participar: Ver la página de Sponsor y contactar con expo@china-spain.org para más información.
For Chinese investors: 第四届中西旅游及酒店业大会的业界部分包括一个投资西班牙的展览。本次大会主要展览西班牙酒店的投资项目及商机。 多个酒店集团及酒店在展览中设有展位, 给来宾展示 投资西班牙酒店的项目。 还可以和展览单位直接了解情况及洽谈。 我们欢迎广大的中国投资企业及个人来会参观。如有意请联系 expo@china-spain.org.

Early registration deadline  大会早期注册截止期

The early registration deadline is May 30. Please take your time to make the early registration. The payment should be made during the registration or immediately after if you use bank transfer. Registration without payment will not be processed. The paper will not be published by the conference. 早期注册截止期是5月30日。您必须在填注册表时立即交费。用银行转账的最 晚也不要超过注册截止期。 请注意,没收到注册费的注册表是无效的。论文不能在大会上发表。也不能进入杂志的参选过程。
大会的新邮箱:为方便中方 代表们的通讯,您可以用大会的QQ邮箱和大会联系: ictchs@qq.com. 除特别有困难外,请用英文来信。

The Final Call for Papers, Presentations
Convocatoria Final de Ponencias
Deadline - May 10, 2014

During our calls for papers, we had 180 authors from more than 17 countries submitted papers to our conference.  We are receiving strong request to continue the submission.
To have an even broader participation, we decided to have a final call. You are most welcome to submit your paper or industrial presentation. The final submission deadline is May 10,2014. If you have not yet sent your paper, please hurry up and don't miss this final deadline! Even you can submit an abstract, we highly recommend you to send the full paper with the conference paper format this time. Please check our submission page for more information of how to send your abstract to our Easychair submission system.
If you have not yet sent your paper, please hurry up and don't miss this deadline!  Please check submission page for more information of how to send your abstract to our Easychair submission system.

The Joint Conference of the 4th International Conference on Tourism
between China and Spain
ICTCHS2014 and OCITUR 2014
第四届中西旅游大会将于6月29 至 7 月2 日

After the success of the three conferences, the Fourth International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality between China and Spain ICTCHS 2014 will be held on June 29 - July 2, 2014  in the beautiful city Barcelona, Spain. The conference will be held as a joint conference with OCITUR 2014.

The conference will have two major parts, the academic and the industrial part. The academic part is for research paper presentation. The researchers in tourism and hospitality related fields in China, Spain and all over the world can present their research papers and exchange their research results directly. The industrial part is for enterprises and organizations in tourism and hospitality sectors to make presentations. They can present their experience, discuss and debate critical issues that affect the future direction of tourism and hospitality industry.

Papers and industrial presentations of all the areas about tourism, hospitality development, tourist experience, case studies, analysis of tourism resource, hospitality market, and hospitality management about China, Spain and other parts in the world are all welcome.
The language of the conference will be in English. The contact email of the conference is ict2014@china-spain.org.

Our host of the conference and the local organizer of the conference will be the Escuela Universitaria of Maresme,  Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona. The main conference responsible coordinator and global organizer is the Tourism Faculty, University of Balearic Islands, Spain. Our collaborating partner, promoter of the conference in China is the College of Tourism and Service Management, Nankai University, Tianjin, China.

第四届中西旅游大会将于2014年6月29 至 7 月2 日在西班牙巴塞罗那市举行。大会由巴塞罗那Pompeu Fabra大学的Escuela Universitaria of Maresme承办。大会主办单位是巴利阿里大学的旅游管理学院,大会协办单位是南开大学旅游与服务学院。欢迎旅游酒店管理的学术界及业界 踊跃投稿及参加这次中西旅游及酒店管理交流盛会。详细情况请关注本网页。联系邮箱是ict2014@china-spain.org.

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